6 Factors that determines the resale value of a car.

Selling a second-hand car can be a stressing task especially when you do not know the value of the car in question. What exactly do factor in so that you do not overprice or underprice that car you intend to sell? The following factors determine the resale value of a car:

1)    Brand. The brand of your car determines its resale value in a big way. Some brands are known to depreciate fast once they hit the road while others retain their value for a long time. Some luxury brands such as Mercedes, Infiniti and Audi can keep 45-60% of the value for three years.

2)    Interior condition. Most buyers prefer a car that has a clean interior, and that is free of odors. Contract a professional to clean your vehicle thoroughly so as to attract higher prices.

3)    Exterior condition. Outer appearance is of concern to many people when buying an old car. You should maintain your cars exterior and retain its shape if you want to bargain for higher prices. The paint color is also another factor that potential customers will consider. Some of the most common colors are white, black and gray and most people prefer them because they are readily available. Keep your car in good shape, and with no paint, peel offs before you start client search.

4)    Performance parts. The performance parts refer to equipment such as stereos, rims, and kits. Having custom rims and latest stereo system grants you a chance to bargain for higher prices. Most customers also consider the cost of maintenance that comes with that car. If your vehicle has obsolete or low-quality add-ons, it is likely to attract a low resale price.

5)    Mileage. The car’s mileage is a big concern for most customers as it determines the level of usage. Your car might be in a mint condition but still, scare away potential buyers due to high mileage. Average people drive for about 12,000 and 15,000 miles every year. More than 100,000 miles is a red flag to most buyers as it is most likely that the car will experience mechanical problems very soon.

6)    Mechanical condition and maintenance history. Potential buyers demand the service and maintenance history before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. In face to face business, the customers may carry out a test drive. Regular and timely servicing fetches your motor vehicle a high price.

The above factors will determine the resale value of your car. Professionals such as http://www.autobookie.co.uk/ will give you the best quote for your vehicle.