Benefits of a Continuous Industrial Inkjet Printer

Continuous inkjet printers are a popular choice for industrial use – and for some good reasons. To begin with, their print resolution is better in comparison to other machines. By extension, this translates to streamlined workflow. And that’s not the only reason you should consider owning a continuous industrial inkjet printer, whether you’re a reseller or manufacturer.

It Simplifies Works

CIJ printers are relatively easy to use compared to older models. Other than that, it takes little time and effort to get your printer up and running. Plus, they rarely require mid-production adjustments. Put differently; you can leave your printer running, unattended.

A CIJ printer is more accurate and fast. Besides, you don’t have to carry out a lot of maintenance to keep it in good working condition. On top of that, state-of-the-art models are compatible with smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor printing remotely.

It Comes in Handy for On-demand Jobs

Due to its speed and accuracy, a CIJ printer allows you to meet the demands of urgent orders. It also enables you to handle unique customer requests, thereby giving you an added advantage over your competitors. In short, with an CIJ printer on site, you can deliver outstanding quality even with short notice.

It Allows High Quality, Large-Volume Printing

There is no second-guessing about quality with a CIJ printer, even with large volume printing. You see, an excellent printer will produce vivid colors whether you’re working on identification cards, sticker, flags and banners and so on. And the beauty of it is that you will always know what you’re getting, so you don’t have to worry about reprinting.

It Saves Your Money

The fact that a continuous industrial inkjet printer guarantees quality results means that you don’t need to outsource. In essence, this implies that you can stick to deadlines and without derailing your customer’s orders. Also, you don’t need a hire a lot of employees to man the printer if you’re a large scale business.

…You have to get the right ink though

Your CIJ printer’s efficiency is as good as the ink that you’re using. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to source your ink from the right places. At Needham Ink not only do you get high-quality industrial ink but also stand a chance to become a distributor/partner.  That way, you can assure your customers of first-class results time and again while making money selling the ink to other printing firms.