Choose The Right Panini Press For Making Mouth Watering Sandwiches

If you have guests coming over at short notice, one of the quickest snacks that you can make is sandwiches. If you want to make delicious mouth-watering sandwiches, then you might want to purchase a Panini press.

A Handy Little Appliance

According to Panini Perfect, Panini presses are a boon for those who hate spending long hours in the kitchen. There are basically two types of Panini presses. One is a simple press that can make one or two sandwiches at a time; the other is griddle version capable of making meals for a group of people.

If you are looking for a panini perfect sandwich machine, then there are a few factors that you might need to take into consideration. If you shop online, you might come across many brands, styles and varieties of Panini presses that it can often leave you confused on which to buy.

What to Look For While Purchasing Panini Presses

When it comes to Panini presses, some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself would be:

  • Do you want to go in for non-stick or cast iron Panini presses?
  • Would you like to purchase Panini presses with floating hinges?
  • What are the type, style and model you are looking for?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you require additional features?

Some of the key factors that you might need to look at would be:

  • Different type of temperature options available
  • Go in for Panini presses that come with insulating handles
  • Does it come with lock mechanism when not in use?

Panini Press Features Explained in Detail

Now that you know what to look for while buying a Panini press, the next thing you need to know is what each of the features are capable of doing.

You can opt for either non-stick or cast iron plates. Here the advantage is that if you opt for cast iron, then you can be assured that they will last for long durations, whereas non-stick ones tend to be lighter, but might wear away with time. Adjustable floating hinges are a plus point as these can accommodate thicker sandwiches for grilling.

Adjustable temperature settings can help you set the right temperature for cooking different types of sandwiches. This gives you better flexibility to cook different snacks for any occasion. Insulating handles prove to be a boon as you can conveniently open and close the presses without mitts. Last but not the least, lock mechanism in Panini presses can prevent kids or pets from injuring themselves.


Panini presses are simple and use friendly. There is no rocket science that needs to be applied on how to use these.