Cosmetic Dentistry And Role Of Dentist To Give A Perfect Look To You

One of the demerits of having a dental problem is that people are not able to smile freely. This also affects their personality. Dentists apart from playing a significant role with our dental care are also instrumental in giving us an attractive look and a charming personality through cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry does not come under normal dentist emergency services rather it is a more relaxed and easy going form of treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry – a brief idea

Everyone wants to have an attractive smile but having a teeth problem can be a problem in expressing yourself through your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is nothing but enhancing the looks of your teeth and gums which are significant in giving you a broad and large smile. Often people suffer from unorganized teeth, oddly shaped teeth and teeth with braces. Getting a treatment for all these problems from your dentist to enhance the look of your face comes under cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry and procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry-

Teeth cleaning and whitening

Having teeth, which are dirty and bad in color can significantly harm the look of your face and can be a cause of worry when you smile. Visiting a dentist to give yourself white teeth can be a wise decision which will do wonders and will give you an attractive and beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is a tricky procedure and people with healthy teeth and gum should only go for this procedure.


Bonding is the procedure where by using a chemical material called resin the filling of teeth and gum can be performed to give the exact color and shape to your teeth and gums. This procedure can cover cracks in your teeth and all kinds of pits can also be filled using this process. The bonding process is simple and can be performed by coloring the resin material exactly to the color of your gums and then filled in vacant spaces to match the exact look of your teeth.

Veneers placement

Veneers are ultra thin elements that are placed in front of your teeth to give your teeth a fine look. Veneers are shells which are made up of a material called porcelain. Veneers are helpful in covering or protecting broken, discolored and widely spread teeth. Veneers are placed above the surface of upper line of teeth. A part of enamel is used to fix the veneers by the dentist which will allow you to get rid of the problem of looks with your teeth. It is suitable to go for veneers over bonding because veneers are more durable due to their porcelain material. Bonding is less expensive and affordable where as veneers are reliable but a little expensive.