Different Type Of Meat Slicers Along With Their Uses

With the invention of the meat slicers, the days are gone when you used a traditional knife to cut and make slices of meat. Commercial meat slicers are no more a new technology since you will find this effective tool at every home out there. To know more about different types and models of meat slicers, just log on to Slice Wiser. It is an internet based review website, where you can explore exclusive reviews as well as feedbacks on the best meat slicers that are present in the market.

Different types of meat slicers are given below.

Light duty meat slicers

You will find this type of meat slicer everywhere right from home to local meat shop. Most of the light duty meat slicers come with small but powerful 5 watt motor and blade of range 7 to 7. Since, they are small in size; therefore, their maintenance is low and simple in use. Moreover, Light duty meat slicers are also much durable as compared to other types of meat slicers. The best part is that they are so useful and handy. Along with meat slicing, they can also be used in chopping fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Medium duty meat slicers

This type of meat slicer is commonly used by small food points, restaurants and junctions. The best part of medium duty meat slicers is that they are well equipped with several options. Handy, useful, easy to use and durable are few properties of medium duty meat slicers.

In addition to above mentioned types of meat slicers, there are several others such as commercial-grade meat slicers etc. Commercial meat slicers are usually used in big commercial houses such as hotels, meat factories etc. If you are going to purchase a meat slicer, then look out for the features like blade size, safety and carriage size.

Other types of meat slicers

On the basis of working, meat slicers can be categorized in two categories, i.e. manual meat slicer and automatic meat slicer. Remember that, manual meat slicer requires your little effort in order to slice the meat. On the other hand, automatic meat slicer comes with a motor and runs on electricity. By using an electronic meat slicer, definitely you would save your time and effort while meat slicing. The best part is that an electronic meat slicer comes with several other functions such as automatic switch off, different machine operating speed, operating the slicer manually etc.