Electric blanket safety: dos and don’t

Winter is a peculiar season with acute cold temperatures that fall well below freezing point in most parts of the world. keeping homes warm is a challenge, however, the greatest challenge in winter is how to keep the body warm and comfortable.

To keep you warm, comfortable and safe, several companies are in the market selling electric blankets to keep you warm in bed, but how safe are you when using this device? At
http://warmelectric.com/, you are at home  with the best company that puts your safety first, however, you are at home  with the best company that puts your safety first, that’s why you need to consider safety measures if you are considering investing on an electric blanket.

Electric blanket Dos

  • The first step in safety consciousness is to buy your blanket from a reputable store, and ensure that it has safety mark from an authorized regulatory agency.
  • Avoiding the temptation of rushing into plugging your new device and start using it right away, relax and spend some time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using it.
  • Check your blanket often for signs of wear and accidental damage.
  • To avoid an accident, use the blanket for the purpose the manufacturer plan: over blanket must always be positioned over the person on the bed. While the under blanket must always be under the person on the bed.
  • Washing the blanket must conform with the manufacturer’s instructions, and safety tips to avoid damage and accident when used after washing.
  • Examine the blanket properly for likely damage that might occur during transportation. Also, make sure you replace damaged fuse with compatible one to avoid electric damage to the blanket

Electric blanket don’t

  • Avoid using the electric blanket when folded, because it makes get over heated due to layers over each other.
  • Is dangerous to touch the electric blanket with wet hands or feet, it may lead to serious electrocution.
  • Pins and other metallic materials are conductors of electricity, so don’t use pins and other metals to hold the blanket in place.
  • Don’t use electric blanket for someone whose medical condition is insensitive to heat, or helpless persons and infants, it may get too hot in the process, and cause serious burn on them
  • Keep electric blankets, kids, unless its temperature is preset at a certain range.
  • It is not advisable to use on adjustable bed especially the under blankets, because it may be hooked with the bed hinges.

Electric blankets are good companions in winter if you adequately keep the simple thumb rules, enjoy the warmth of  and comfortable money can buy by using an electric blanket, yet you can stay away from likely accidents if you can observe simple guide that will keep you safe while using your new device.