Five Things to Look for When Buying a Wristwatch

If you want to choose the right wristwatch, you need not hurry up. Instead, it is important to take your time and compare different types of watches and brands, and finally, choose a piece that is affordable and matches your personality. Wristwatches are available from different suppliers, as shown here. Here are five top factors to consider when you shop for a wristwatch.


Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your search to a piece that you can afford. Mechanical watches, such as gold or platinum-plated brands, fall in the most expensive category. They can cost one thousand dollars or higher. Common examples include Omega, Breitling, and Rolex among others.

Medium category watches cost between three hundred and seven hundred dollars. They are often made of automatic quartz, stainless steel, mineral glass, and leather. The watches are suitable for casual wear, as many people find them affordable.

The least expensive category of wristwatches costs between sixty and two hundred dollars. These watches are often made of quartz, plastic, and resin composites. They include fashion and sports watches as well as swatch watches.


The style is the next factor to consider after price. For classic watches, choose a gold material with a thin and plain case. The bezel should be rotating with markings on it. Designer watches often reflect the personality behind their invention while sports watches are large with prominent markings on the bezel.


Before you purchase a particular wristwatch, you should conduct some research about the company. Learn something about the reputation of the manufacturer. Find related online forums on which you can post your questions and get the right answers. Most of the sales people are ignorant about many facts about manufacturers so avoid asking them.

Where to buy

It is important to know where you will source your wristwatch. However, with the availability of the internet, you can simply shop online. The prestigious brands are available only from authorized dealers. Browse online catalogs to see which brands pique your interest. It is advisable to visit the retailer’s official shop for details about your preferred watch.

Another factor to consider is size. For people of a large stature, it is advisable to choose a wristwatch with a large face. If you are a slim person, you should choose a more compact model that matches your size. Also important are the type of maintenance, water resistance, and the type of strap.