How to Make the Most Out of Your VPN

You need to know how to use your VPN correctly to maximize on what it has to offer. In other words, you need to do more than just setting up your virtual private network. Here’s how to do it;

Avoid Free VPNs

Of course, you’d want to save money by using a free VPN, right? Sure. But, just as the famous saying goes, cheap is expensive. For starters, a free VPN restricts the locations you can connect to. In other words, you don’t have much of a choice as to what you can do your VPN. Other than that, free VPNs, don’t support torrenting.

You don’t need to have a lot of cash to access the services of a premium VPN. Take Surfshark, for instance. Even though it is a relatively new entrant into the market, it is reasonably priced, making it an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget. Besides, its performance is good, giving value for every buck that you pay for it. Visit to read more about Surfshark and what makes it stand out when pitted against close competition.

Pay Annually

Most VPNs offer three pricing options; monthly, half-yearly and yearly. Choose the annual payment plan if possible. In fact, this is the best choice if you don’t have the money to spend. In most cases, you will save up to 10% with an annual subscription.

Make Use of Mobile VPN Client

Okay, not every VPN service offers a mobile client. But, if the one you plan to use does, you should maximize its use. That way, you can use public Wi-Fi available in places such as shopping malls without having to worry about security issues.

Install VPN in all Your Mobile Devices

It makes perfect sense to install your VPN on every mobile gadget that you own. The idea is to get online protection irrespective of the device that you are using. Plus, you don’t have to connect to your VPN every time you change your gadget.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best VPN is one thing but knowing how to make the most of it is entirely different. In addition to the tips above, be sure to turn on the firewall and killswitch features. The last thing that you want is to leak your real information online whenever there’s a connection drop. On top of that, turning on these two features will help protect your gadgets from online threats and hackers.