Plasma Cutter- Maintain Its Parts To Use It For Many Years

Every device or machine has a number of parts, and so, plasma cutters also include some accessories. However, if you use the device regularly without any maintenance, you may not get the best outcome.  Daily inspection keeps your cutter safe and allows you to have accurate shape of metal piece. Moreover, you will also be able to increase the durability of the system.

The cutter helps in gas concentration and creates spark for turning it to plasma. The part, surrounding this plasma, gets protection with the help of gases. Enough amount of force is generated inside plasma. However, your cutter has some parts, which may get deteriorated in due course. We have compiled a list of those parts so that you can give an extra care to them.


The main function of nozzle is to push the gas or air through tube. There is an opening for enhancing the force and speed. It is the misuse for which nozzle can become damaged. For example, imprecise distances of cutting and wrong replacement units are the reasons for which your nozzle gets affected.


An arc, present in your device, gets power from electrode. And it is the main function of electrode. You will be able to identify the deterioration, by checking the depth of the pit.  Quality of every cut may not be high, if there is any damage. While the electrode is in worn-out condition, you can find an impact on the torch. If the parts of torch are not rightly matched, then also you will not enjoy better performance. Other possible reasons include leakage of gas, moisture build-up, impurities in gas and many more.


It has a role of protecting the nozzles’ parts so that they will not get damaged. There is a gap, present in it, and the size of this opening must go with one, which is on your nozzle. While any kind of clogging is caused, a problem many arise.

In addition to all the above parts, there is also a ring with swirling motion. Quality for cuts is not much acceptable, and the life-span of electrode may get reduced. Clean and inspect this ring on a regular basis to restore its condition.

Thus, maintenance of all these parts will allow you to have the excellent level of performance from the tool. If you have already bought a plasma cutter, you need to take care of it.