Spotting Fake Engagement at Instagram

If you’re into the business to grow your Instagram account and you do that by hiring services or buying gigs like x followers for $x I won’t be the one to blame you for that. It’s all about what you want, but if you do this you do want to make sure you get the real deal.

It makes no sense at all to spend hundreds of dollars on growing your account if you only get fake followers for it, dead accounts won’t bring you any good, in the worst case, it only makes things worse as most social platforms have measures built-in that monitor the engagement on your account. More followers + less engagement = less reach, and that’s exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve here.

So how do we identify fake followers?

The same way as you do on Facebook really, check if the account has a profile picture, is the author bio filled out, just a handful of posts or even less, a large number of accounts they follow but few that follow them back. Ugly usernames, eg something with a bunch of numbers in it is a good sign that it’s probably auto-generated. A very low engagement rate, no comments on the few posts they have, and so on.

If they do have a decent amount of followers you might want to check them out instead. It could very well be that they took the extra step of purchasing followers with the sole purpose of ad swaps to gain real followers, while you provide real reach, you get nothing back in return, probably not what you expected from this deal that looked amazing at first glance.

It’s even worse when they ask money for sharing your post as you literally pay for nothing. Besides checking out their Instagram accounts and everything that goes on there you might also want to take a look at their other social profiles. Do they have a Facebook account and does it look legit? If they are active on Youtube how does it look over there?

If you are in doubt just forget about them. There are so many real influencers that with a little digging I’m sure you can make some solid deal that both of you benefit from.

See it’s not all that easy or straightforward as you might have hoped for but with a little bit of work things can be achieved, without breaking the bank!