The Best Wedding Singers in the UK

If you are looking for a famous wedding singer you came to the right place as we are going to look into some of the most popular wedding singers across the UK so stay tuned!

Christie Prentice

No matter which site we visit she’s always on top of the list and for good reason. With 76 customer reviews that each rated her with 5-stars, it’s hard to beat that and that’s just on while there are tons of other review sites out there. She’s an amazing vocalist but she can also provide ambient background music or create an upbeat party. No matter your wishes she got you covered on every imaginable front.

Michael Buble

I’m not sure about your budget but if you can afford him he is an absolute must have that loves to attain to weddings across all of the UK. Although he hasn’t received a lot of reviews on Garston Entertainment, the site where we discovered him the audio sample they provide is plain out awesome so to make your wedding the most unique experience there is you got to have him.

James Barlow

Although he’s less present on the top review sites for wedding singers he’s definitely not one that should be excluded from your list to review. Check him out on his own website I would say and see what an amazing repertoire he has to offer. His reviews speak for himself with people boasting about what a fantastic experience they had and how special he made their day. Definitely recommendable!

Russell Shaun

An amazing musician from Lancashire that’s also topping nearly every chart out there. Although he doesn’t come cheap he deserves the rates he charges as many celebrities have hired him, not just any but the likes of David Beckham and his comrades. His repertoire varies widely so no matter what your expectations are I’m sure he can fulfill them in the most professional way.

Eddie Cullen

At a slightly lower price of around 400 British Pounds, he’s calling himself the Voice of the Legends and not a word too much said about that. He’s a solo wedding singer stationed in London but he’s definitely prepared to travel across the UK to fulfill your wish of having a top-rated wedding singer at your party.

Michelle Lawson

If you thought the males were dominating this list a little too much we got you covered with one excellent wedding singer with a fantastic voice. I’m writing this while listening to her audio sample and she touches my heart with her amazing vocal skills. If I was about to get married anytime soon I would definitely hire her to make this one unforgettable experience. She definitely knows how to entertain her guests by putting up a modern show and the ability to add a live band to the party.

Summing it up

If you still had any doubts who to hire I hope I accomplished my mission by taking away any doubts you had, sure you still have to choose from six professional artists but at least we’ve trimmed down your list considerably!