Types of White Noise Machines

Noise ranks consistently among the top environmental pollutants all over the world. Living in a noisy neighborhood can be torturous for many people. The white noise machines come in handy when solving this problem. These units mask the unwanted sounds and create the environment conducive for working or sleeping. These machines apply different techniques in solving common problems. The following are the different types of white noise machines in the market today.

Recorded Sound Loops

This type of machine plays recorded sound that loops over and over. These loops can be as few as 4 seconds or even long as a minute. Short loops are undesirable because your mind can master them after long usage. The ideal machine should have a loop of more than 7 seconds to make it more effective. Sometimes, the prices of these devices rise with the length of the loop.


This type of white noise machine is the oldest in the market. Such units apply the same working principle like a fan. This system forces air out of ports while at the same time producing soothing sounds. These units come with multiple operating speeds, and you can select the most suitable depending on the level of noise.

Systems with Multiple White Noise Options

These types of devices can produce more than 20 different sounds. Some have few options as low as 3 or 4. The most common sounds include waterfall, surf, waterfall, rain and wind just to mention a few. You can select the sound that appeals to you best. This feature ensures that you never get bored due to a repetition of certain patterns.

Synthetic Sounds

Such machines have the capability to generate white sounds synthetically. Such devices are better than their counterparts which depend on looping.

Relaxation Machines

These machines produce relaxing sounds on top of white noises. You can use such units after a hectic day or when working on a high-priority task. Units at soothingnoises.com come with a variety of sound options which makes them appeal to a wide customer base.

Machine that allows sounds to be Layered or Mixed

You can customize the sound to suit your personal tastes and preferences. You do not have to be a techie to operate such units because manufacturers make them easy to use.

Understanding the different types of white noise machines allows you to make an informed purchase decision. The choice of the best fit depends on the level of noise, personal tastes, and budget.