Understanding Why the Employed Youth Will Have a Promising Future

In today’s fast-paced world, the global youth employment rates have risen relatively. According to the ILO (or International Labour Organization), 2017’s youth employment rates are up to 13.1% from 12.9% in 2015.

However, while a slight increase in global youth employment rates suggests good news, the numbers also reveal that more than 50% of young individuals (aged 16 to 24) are unemployed. Unfortunately, the majority of youth might miss out on a promising future.

They Understand the All-out Definition of Responsibility

As employed individuals, the young ones can expect a promising future because they already learned to be responsible — financially, emotionally, socially, and mentally. They also learned to prioritize the most important obligations (e.g. school/work, family, health close friends) over the lesser important ones (e.g. shopping, dating).

Moreover, they learned to commit time for matters that contribute to their betterment. After all, it is at such stage in their lives that one needs to understand the difference between wants and needs.

They Are Brave in Times of Failure

Another reason why employed young individuals are leaning towards a promising future is their courage and resiliency. You can’t help but admire these traits in them because these make them indestructible. Especially if they were employed by a single entity for more than five years, they learned the diplomacy of showing up at all costs — even during times when situations would unfold unfavorably.

Having their minds trained to focus on their jobs, it’s almost a natural response to focus on the positive aspects of things. And if need be, they can easily bounce back from unsuccessful attempts.

They Aim for Long-Term Goals

Additionally, the employed youth’s promising future is revealed by the fact that they are more satisfied by long-term pursuits. Rather than consume energy on momentary pleasures (e.g. going to movies, using 100% of monthly paycheck solely for new clothes), they learned to delay gratification.

If the rewards would take years to come, then so be it. Thus, they can qualify to be excellent investors, which can lead them to a financially-rewarding state.

They Are Highly Autonomous

Most importantly, the odds of success for employed youth is high because they were trained to be independent thinkers. Because they have spent years in the care of their superiors, they learned to understand that following orders limits your opportunity to have a unique stand and take initiative.

Moreover, during the process of keeping a job, they learned to believe in their own words, decisions, and actions. This gave them the confidence to be steadfast, responsive, and sensible decision-makers. When it comes to future decisions (e.g. marriage partner, residence), they learned not to second-guess themselves and instead, be bold enough to make an impactful choice.