Whelping Supplies Can Only Help Your Dog

While dogs have been successfully having puppies for thousands of years without the assistance of humans in any way, this does not mean that they aren’t up for or needing a little assistance to make the birthing process easier for them. This is where whelping supplies from Petnap can really help in aiding your dog from conception all the way through the birthing process.

There are many different kinds of whelping supplies that you can find out there that you may find useful for your dog. It starts with a series of insemination kit that can help your dog to become pregnant if you are finding that the breeding process is not working in the manner in which you desire.

You will also find great ID collars that can be put on the dogs just after they are born. They allow you to expand them as the dogs get older, but also give you the ability to keep track of which dog is which one. These collars come in multi-color packs or you can buy packs that are in the same color. All of them off you the ability to be able to mark names on them as well. This way you can know the dog by name long before they start to grow hair.

A whelping supply that you may find particularly useful are the nurser bottles. There may be times where the litter is too much for the mother to handle and she may not be able to provide the proper amount of nutrition. Sadly, there are also instances where the mother may die before the puppies are weaned. This means you will have to care for them and one of these kits could be just what you are looking for. They came with multiple nipples so that you can use specific ones for a particular puppy to prevent any kind of cross contamination.

For those who truly want to be prepared, you can buy a whole whelping kit that is equipped to be able to care for 12-puppies. This kit has a wide array of supplies and tools that you will find will be of great benefit to you, and provide you with any kind of help that you may need. This will help to keep you prepared and make sure that the puppies will be ok.